chapter  6
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Intrapsychic Treatment of Children

This chapter presents the Internal Family Systems (IFS) MetaModel as a powerful alternative to the Medical Model approach to treatment. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual is a nosological system that lists the plethora of symptoms and personality disorders manifested by human beings. DSM-V is a list of illnesses that need to cure. Noncompliance or resistance is the norm in most courses of therapy. The discussion of frequency of sessions and length of treatment comes from the psychoanalytic literature. Among the most difficult sessions are those where anger is the dominant emotion. Anger of one person begets anger from their counterpart or, anger in one person trigger withdrawal in the other. On the surface, giving direct advice is what many families expect from the therapist, an expert in the field of mental health and emotional well-being. Many people helped through participation in Twelve-Step Programs. Originating as Alcoholics Anonymous, these programs address all kinds of addictions alcoholism, substance abuse, gambling, and promiscuity.