chapter  7
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Healing Attachment Injuries of Children

This chapter presents the treatment vignettes in order to highlight the application of the Internal Family Systems MetaModel approach to the healing of children, teens, and their families. It chapter explores how this healing happens. Ana and Blanche did very well in their therapy over a two-year period of time. It takes a closer look at this process with a young child and family. The chapter explores how the protective parts of Ana triggered vulnerability and feeling of inadequacy in Blanche and how Blanche's disciplinary reactivity to her daughter triggered sadness and feelings of inadequacy for Ana. This interaction becomes a vicious cycle as long as Self-energy is bypassed and the burdens of Exiles are carried by both. The chapter presents the application of the IFS MetaModel to the work the author did with an adolescent boy and his family. There was clearly a Self-to-Self connection building in this arena.