chapter  8
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Guiding the Process of Self-Led Parenting

This conclusion presents some closing thoughts of key concepts discussed in the preceding chapters of this book. The book helps for coaching other therapists in the essence of healing kids and their parents. The process of healing, that is often experienced through quiet moments of just being with a child, matching my breath with his or hers and providing an encouraging voice. The book believes that the Internal Family Systems (IFS) MetaModel model offers the most thorough and most effective process in allowing one to know where they are located at any given moment in the sessions. Some of the most important therapeutic moments are when therapies' are thrown off track from their centered, Self-led position, as a Protective Part of their own is triggered by an extreme Part of the client. Therapists ideally are great listeners to their clients and to their own internal cognitive-emotional system. The MetaModel serves powerfully as a map for healing via one's own clarity.