chapter  11
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Inside the Child’s Body

Ultimately, the therapist guides the child on an inner journey. The child’s feelings are invited into the therapy process. These feelings, or Parts, reside in the child’s body. Much of what is experienced as psychological struggle is the relationship that the child has with her feelings. Protective Parts exist to Manage, block, and soothe painful feelings. This drama takes place in the body. It will be very important for the therapist to work somatically. “Where is the fear located?” “When you feel this sadness, what are you aware of going on in your chest . . . in your stomach . . . any other places?” “How do you feel toward this feeling?” Almost always there are feelings (Protective Parts) that fight or want to get rid of such difficult feelings. This is normalized, followed by the therapist asking the child to work with critical or non-accepting Parts. Safely and gradually working toward a full Acceptance of all feelings is encouraged (Functional Hypothesis on somatic level).