chapter  1
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The Essence of Emotional Healing

There are treatments where the trajectory of treatment gets stuck, even when attention is being paid over and over again to Manager and Fire-fighter Parts. In author's experience, it probably means that the parts are not feeling safe enough to make room for self-energy. In the Internal Family Systems (IFS) MetaModel, healing comes in two modal places: first, the process of acceptance and welcoming of the person and their symptoms. Viewing symptoms as adaptive and survival based is crucial, applying the Functional Hypothesis as emphasized throughout this chapter. The second process involves the experiencing of exiles in session, witnessed by self of the therapist and self of the client. In these powerful therapeutic moments, long-held sadness, shame, guilt, and inadequacy are brought into awareness and are accepted and nurtured by self-energy. These feelings are welcomed into the present tense in a safe and reassuring environment. Overwhelming emotions are soothed and met with loving self-energy.