chapter  2
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Historical Roots of the Internal Family Systems Therapy MetaModel

Part of Internal Family Systems (IFS) treatment with kids needs to be IFS work with parents. In its essence, work with parents takes away the frustration, hopelessness, and inadequacy that parents feel and guide them to a compassionate and competent parenting position. IFS Parent sessions begin by identifying the parts that carry frustration, parts that are rigidly applying manager energy to themselves and their child, and parts that promote quick-fix analgesics as Fire-fighters in their daily lives. This chapter talks about the different temperaments that exist in the biological sphere for mother and daughter. It explores how shifts occurs in the treatment and how a conflict-laden mother-daughter interaction converts into a relationship of acceptance of differences, allowance for sadness and emotional pain, and release of constraints on the compassion of self-to-self energy. The most important goal of work with parents is to help guide them to a self-led position.