chapter  2
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Overview of Hoplology

Why do human beings fight? Why engage in violence that alters the circumstance of others

against their will and in a way that injures them bodily, psychologically, or otherwise? Violence

never begins with the first punch thrown or the first bullet shot. The roots of violence are

deep and sprout into various offshoots of violent acts over a long timeline. If we could witness

the genesis of a moment where a strong feeling took root and eventually burst forth into

violence we would most likely have to travel back quite some time to see it. The precise

reasons for violence are too numerous to count. The catalogue alone could take up an entire

library itself never mind the analysis of those reasons. But if we were to work inductively

from the specifics we see in the world about violence we might be able to come up with a

handful of overarching motivators that lead to most if not all types of observable violence.