chapter  10
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The Violent Soundscape

In order for the human body to make sound there must be effort. The diaphragm lowers to

make room for the lungs to expand with air. When enough air is present in the lungs the

diaphragm rises to expel the air up through the trachea to pass over the vocal folds and create

sound. That sound then passes through the oropharynx and becomes formed through the

manipulations of the tongue and lips. This is an over simplification of the process that happens

when a person wishes to speak. Moreover, there are many steps between the will to speak

and the act of speaking. Speaking is just that: an act. It takes effort through action of multiple

parts of the human body in order to make sound. It takes even more parts added to that in

order for that sound to become intelligible. Add to this that sound can convey not only

information but also feeling. The things that we say have meaning but when communicating

with each other it becomes more and more clear that oftentimes it is not what we say that

has the greatest effect but how we say it that ultimately carries the day.