chapter  13
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Contact Violence

The words would have floated past me had Shira not said my name. It is the Wednesday

night of tech week and we open on Saturday. We had been rehearsing Qui Nguyen’s “She

Kills Monsters” for Company One in Boston for nearly two months and everyone from the

cast to the design team to the administrative staff had put in loads of man-hours just to get

the show into a recognizable form. There were so many elements to blend: weapons, props,

lighting in a strange semi-thrust space, puppets of all shapes and sizes, costumes for succubi,

devils, and elves, big cheerleader dance numbers, and of course, the fights. The blending of

all these elements was due to the brilliant collaborating skills of everyone involved but

particularly the orchestration of the director, Shira. But like all complicated endeavors it took

a lot of coordinating, massaging, and work. At this hour of the night after a 10 out of 12,

sitting through a production meeting with a small army of designers was the last thing I, or

presumably anyone else, wanted to be doing. I had glazed over in a way that I had heard

monks used to when staying up for days, the world just passing before them as a separate

entity not really connected to anything human. Shira’s questions snapped me back.