chapter  4
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Contextualising the cohort

The personal and social characteristics of men who procure sexual services

Analysing the demographic profiles of the men in the survey cohort allows an exploration of whether they ‘fit’ the beliefs about clients of sex workers that emerge from current theoretical frameworks. For example, do these men fit the profiles presented by Winick (1962), who suggests that all men who procure sexual services are deviant by nature? Or are the profiles of men who procure sexual services more representative of the ‘everyman’ perspective as presented by Monto and McRee (2005) and discussed in previous chapters of this book. An analysis of the demographic data also leads to a comparison with the profiles presented in previous research publications. This allows men in the survey to be compared, using these basic and broad characteristics, with men in previous researches. These findings in this chapter are based on the survey questionnaire, described in the introduction of Part II of this volume, answered by 309 men who procure sexual services within New South Wales (NSW), Australia and represent the results of the first phase of the data collection.