chapter  5
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The ‘5WH’ of men’s procurement of sexual services 1

This second findings chapter considers the five ‘whats’ associated with the procurement of sexual services in order to further explore this notion that men who procure sexual services are not a homogenous group. The five ‘whats’ associated with purchasing sex, which can be better understood by the mnemonic of the ‘5WH’ of men’s procurement of sexual services has been inspired by the 5WH mnemonic created by Shepherd (1991) in relation to police ethics when interviewing suspects. The 5WH mnemonic as applied to men who procure sexual services, are: at what age men begin procuring sexual services; what locations are used by men when engaging in the procurement of sexual services, alongside whether this location differs between the first time procurement and future procurement locations; at what time men engage in their procurement in terms of time of the week, as well their frequency of buying; what services are bought during the sexual transaction; and finally, what reasons do men offer for their procurement of sexual services. In order to explore these ‘5WHs’, the first phase of data collection within the study is used solely. Based on the 309 men1 sampled, descriptive statistics are used to provide answers to the 5WHs. However, a more advanced statistical procedure of cluster analysis is used when considering the reasons men offer in the cohort for why they procure sex. This part of the analysis leads to the identification of five groups of men based on their reasons for procuring sexual services.