chapter  7
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Making sense of men’s procurement of sexual services

A new understanding and conceptualisation of this social phenomenon

This chapter brings together the findings of the current study in order to make sense of men’s procurement of sexual services and to re-theorise men’s engagement in this social practice. This chapter addresses the key aim of the empirical research underpinning this book, ‘to make sense of men’s procurement of sexual services’ by challenging current views regarding this behaviour. Through this challenge a rejection, in part, of previous theorising on this social issue can be formulated. Based on the data set presented in this volume, a new understanding of the procurement of sexual services emerges, which centres on ‘well being’, based within the theoretical framework of positive psychology with a more fitting understanding and conceptualisation of the purchasing of sexual services emerging. This new understanding suggests that policy and law makers could reflect on their position in relation to this social practice. This applies in particular to those countries that criminalise the procurement of sexual services.