chapter  6
Participation in Translocal Climate Networks and Mitigation Policy
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In the previous chapters, I argued that cities, particularly global cities, have become international actors by forming and participating in translocal climate networks. Therefore the implications of city participation in these networks should be examined, specifi cally with regard to how participation infl uences their climate policies. To this end, this chapter analyzes the mitigation processes of 102 cities around the world. Urban mitigation policies require step-by-step processes involving: (1) measuring greenhouse gas emission inventories; (2) establishing emission reduction targets; (3) establishing a climate action plan; (4) implementing policies; and (5) monitoring outcomes and feedback to amend and strengthen the target and action plan. Ordered logit regression analysis suggests that participating in the International Council for Local Environmental Initiative (ICLEI) Cities for Climate Protection (CCP) program and the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group (C40) increases the probability of progress in the climate mitigation process. The translocal climate network in particular provides simple and logical climate mitigation policy modules aimed to enhance member cities’ policy performances. Participation in a translocal climate network, therefore, has a positive impact on subnational efforts to address global climate change issues.