chapter  12
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Individual and Organizational Identity Formation toward Social Justice

WithColleen A. Capper

This chapter reviews three strands of literature: organizational identity, individual identity formation, and social justice identity development. It addresses the relationship between the individual identity formation of educational leaders and the social justice identity formation of educational settings as organizations. The chapter provides a theory that links individual identity development theories and their intersections to organizational identity and development toward social justice. The studies on organizational identity tend to focus on the individual's relationship to the organization. These scholars acknowledge that most of the research on organizations and identity emanates from the structural functional and interpretivist epistemologies. The chapter presents the contemporary use of social justice in the educational leadership literature that often erases race and marginalizes sexual/gender identity. Instead, social justice identity formation within individuals and schools is conceptualized as explicitly addressing race, ethnicity, language, ability, gender, sexual/gender identity, social class, religion, and their intersections to eliminate inequities.