chapter  7
32 Pages

Critical Race Theory, Black Crit 1

WithColleen A. Capper

This chapter aims to promulgate critical race theory (CRT) as a framework to inform organizational theory and to guide the practices of educational leaders to eliminate racial inequities in their leading of equitable, socially just schools. It shows that leaders can evaluate the quality and effectiveness of professional development on race based on the extent to which the CRT tenets. The chapter focuses on implications of CRT for organizational theory, and leadership practice. It also focuses on the concepts related to liberal ideas of color-blindness and the ways liberal equity policies and practices can perpetuate racial oppression. The chapter attempts to help leaders learn how to frame narratives while working toward equity ends, leaders can learn from the CRT tenet of counter-narratives. CRT addresses interest convergence, meaning that any gains toward racial equality have only happened and can only happen when whites also benefit. Leaders must also aggressively ensure that district and school decision-making teams are racially representative of the school community.