chapter  5
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From Japanese AVs to Chinese gifts

The circulation of Japanese AVs in Taiwan

This chapter examines how the emergence of internet technology in the late 1990s paved the way for a new mode of circulation of Japanese Adult Videos (AV) in Taiwan. A large number of pornography users, who, due to their lack of computer/internet skills and facilities, had been unable to gain access to internet pornography, began to obtain free Japanese AVs from those who possessed the skills and facilities. The way Japanese AVs are circulated is similar to how 'Chinese gifts' are given out and received in Taiwanese society. The chapter explores how Japanese AVs are circulated in the framework of Chinese interpersonal relationship and gift-giving conventions. Japanese AVs in Taiwan take two major media formats: VCDs and internet files. One of the major means of getting Japanese AVs as VCDs is through actual purchase at retail shops. Purchasing Japanese AVs as VCDs at retail shops is the major way for Taiwanese consumers to obtain Japanese AVs.