chapter  6
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The taste of Taiwanese men and women for pornography

The specific male and female sex understood by Taiwanese women make them unable to identify with the male and female characters in both Japanese and American pornography, which thus account for their apathy toward pornography. Academic studies of pornography have long been preoccupied with research that aims to find out whether pornography has negative effects on viewers, in particular on the lives of women. This preoccupation of pornography studies with effects is one of the major reasons that pornography use, and, in particular, pornography preference, is not addressed much in pornography studies. Another major reason is that explicating pornography preference is methodologically difficult, if not infeasible. This is especially true if it is to account for collective preference. Taiwanese women do not see sexual passivity as their real sex. Interestingly, Taiwanese women do not find a sexually aggressive woman real to them either. Taiwanese women also could not identify with the male character portrayed in American and Japanese pornography.