chapter  8
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The instrumental interests of pornography to individual Taiwanese women

This chapter examines how gender cannot prescribe the individual relation to pornography despite serving to shape the cultural preference of Taiwanese women for pornography. These women are often made or persuaded to watch pornography by their men. However, even if pornography appears to be a thing imposed on these women, it can still be seen and identified diversely and used defiantly by them to resist male domination in sex. To use pornography on top of corporeal sex is a kind of greed, and represents a misuse of it. However, in coping with pornography which they disliked but which they could not resist when imposed on them by their male partners, they attempted to negotiate with patriarchy or redefine the social expectations laid on them through developing different relations to pornography. The understanding of the American variety as equalitarian and thus liberal can be commonly found among the Taiwanese informants.