chapter  8
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This chapter presents a case study of 53-year-old Joe. Joe has smoked cigarettes since he was a teenager and still smokes some 25-30 per day, with his first cigarette being on waking. Joe needs a cigarette when he wakes up in the morning and has been smoking for some considerable time. People smoke for a variety of reasons and a myriad of explanations have been proposed, from a psychological, social and medical perspective. The biological model suggests that smoking is a result of Individuals becoming physically dependent on nicotine and the multitude of chemical substances found in cigarettes. Motivational interviewing, an innovative therapeutic approach for promoting behavioural change, is increasingly being applied to smoking cessation. Tobacco controlling interventions and policies have been found to be successful in reducing smoking prevalence. It is Important that society as a whole continues to work together in the attempt to impact smoking rates.