chapter  14
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The CCSSM: Making It Happen

The profi les in this book show how teachers who are correctly implementing the vision of the NCTM/CCSSM standards provide multiple opportunities for their students to engage in solving worthwhile problems for which there are no fi xed rules. As with real-life challenging problems, no hints are given that say, “Use this very quick way to solve it!” The students have to read, research, and analyze the problem; decide on some plausible pathways for a solution; do the work to solve it; and then present and defend the work. Throughout this process, students quickly apply their basic skills and use technology when appropriate. As students struggle to fi nd solutions, the teacher or friends help by facilitating when necessary. Equally important, small groups work in teams to solve the problems, thus building students’ capacity to listen and appreciate different ideas as they try to communicate their own. It is through such processes that students develop the awareness and persistence to try a multistep approach to solving problems, not just in mathematics but also in all areas of lifeschool, work, family, and community. Such productive engagement with problems provides the tools for productive thinkers to engage in society as productive citizens.