chapter  4
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Reinventing Notetaking: Digital Notebooks

Building community requires specifying visible aspects like purpose, point of view, licensing and copyright, community guidelines, and rules. Successful communities also have more subtle but vitally important parts, which include the habits and meanings that attract and retain active collaborators. The internal work inside your classroom is essential. Create mystique by adding alluring elements to the various milestones of your project or community. Help students have meaning by feeling like they are part of something special. Writing an essay alone does not require much if any agreement on habits between students. Collaborative writing requires collaboration. Albert Bandura's 'Self Efficacy Theory' demonstrated that a person's decision to engage in a behavior and exert effort toward success depends on individual's efficacy expectations and outcome expectations. Teacher Theresa Allen wanted students to learn to comment on the posts of other students when they logged into Edmodo for the Digiteen project.