chapter  5
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Reinventing Notecards: Social Bookmarking

This chapter is set aside to be timeless advice to have a timeless mindset so people can make it through this career as a difference maker at your school and, in the lives of your students. On the fourth day, the explorer awoke ready to move ahead only to find that everyone was lounging around. There is a river of technology flowing through society that we cannot ignore. Just as the first civilizations sprang up in Mesopotamia around the earliest rivers, society gathers around rivers of change. Realize technology's place and that is it there. Technology is more than a person. It is not a being to be worshipped like the ancient Egyptians worshipped the Nile. Technology is more than a company. The timeless story of the tortoise and the hare has the hare bounding around in an ADD-like spasm. Transforming means more stress, but it also means opportunity. The Georgia Association of Educators Technology Conference (GAETC) conference in November.