chapter  10
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Incorporating Corroborating Evidence

Assessing risk must inc1ude the information known ab out the individual by all those who have had concerns. Without such corroborating data, for instance, Marvelous Marvin, with his one convietion for sexuaIly assaulting a girl, would not be properly viewed as a very effective and dangerous offender, while Innocent Isaac, because one sexual liaison occurred outside on ablanket under a starry summer sky, would be deemed more dangerous. The people who have dealt with child molesters, however, have access to rich information that

. would greatly help investigators and subsequent decision makers better understand the patterns of misconduct and the risks they present to children. Groomer child molesters continuously cause others to be concerned; their behavior is frequently viewed with raised eyebrows everywhere they go, and their activities are directed toward gaining access to children, unlike those who are innocent of such improprieties. However, because these child molesters go to such great lengths to appear above reproach, any superficial investigation regarding the opinions of those who do not know the alleged offender weIl could inc1ude only high praise.