chapter  1
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Understanding the Problem

To more effectively stop children from ever being abused means better understanding child molesters, recognizing how they operate, and learning how they think and feel. The kinds of child molesters described in this book, those who commit most of the sexual assaults against children (Salter, 2003; Bolen, 2001), behave as sexual addicts who continuously fantasize about having sex withchildren, are sexually aroused to children, and enjoy getting away with it (Carnes, 1983, 1996; Flora, 2001). Viewing their compulsive behavior as being like an addiction, in this case being addicted to having sex with children, in the same manner as one would view heroin addicts who are addieted to heroin, helps provide a framework to more accurately understand the behavior. Those familiar with addictions recognize that the addietion drives the behavior because every act is directed at obtaining greater access to the drug of choiee. For that reason, addicts primarily associate with people who can help them facilitate that goal, and do not tolerate those who interfere with that goal. The child molesters described in this book similarly priinarily associate with adults who can provide them with access to children, or who can help them polish their image with parents so they can have access to children.