chapter  2
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Child Molesters in Their Natural Habitat

The molesters described in this book all use the same groorning strategies to ingratiate themselves with families and communities to obtain unimpeded access to children. Their strategies are such diehes, it would seem they had all graduated from the same crime school, where they learned how to successfully sexually abuse children with the blessing and support of the very adults and organizations responsible for protecting children. This profile was also observed in the publicity regarding the failure of the Catholic Church to protect children from abusive priests while continuing to support those priests whose conduct should never have been tolerated. The Catholic Church, however, does not have a monopoly on mishandling these cases. Information from hundreds of cases of identified child molesters from all professions, walks of life, and economie backgrounds reveal the same dynarnics exemplified in the Catholic Church controversy, reflecting techniques already outlined elsewhere (van Dam, 200 I) that exactly describe the operating strategies abusers use to successfully get away with sexually molesting children. Events noted in the Catholic Church only parallel how thesechallenges are often also rnishandled everywhere.