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The Campus Alberta Applied Psychology Counselling Initiative: Web-Based Delivery of a Graduate Professional Training Program

This chapter discusses the use of web-based video clips for counsellor skills training takes place in the context of the Campus Alberta Applied Psychology: Counselling Initiative (CAAP). The pre-Institute component of CAAP 605 consists of five units which cover the theory and skills related to the working alliance as well as basic information necessary for success in the Summer Institute. This intentional grounding in the working alliance construct serves two purposes. The first is to train future counsellors in a model that has strong empirical support. The second is to propose the application of the collaborative and relational principles of the working alliance as a model for online learning in human services. All CAAP courses make use of both synchronous and asynchronous activities. Each week's learning activities are tied to one aspect of the working alliance and specific counselling microskills. Each course is connected to a digital reading room that contains links to electronic resources to support learner learning.