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A Tale of Three Cities: Teaching Online to Students in Shanghai from Hong Kong and Texas

Piloted as a face-to-face (F2F) course linked with a fully interactive second classroom through high-speed interactive video (ITV), the course is now offered in totally face-to-face, web-assisted and almost-entirely-online formats. The primary objective of this course is the enhancement of student understanding and skills in negotiating the organizational context of social work practice. The primary assignment for this half of the course is a twelve-page Implementation Plan covering various aspects of financial management, personnel management, information management, and strategic planning. Creating an online course requires the active involvement of each of several very distinct skill areas. The team members represented major skills sets that included: substantive content expertise, content design, learning theory, visual design, site mapping, module layout, and streaming video lecture support. The Michigan State University has its own online instructional design team that has developed a "homegrown" platform with considerable functionality for delivering online courses.