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Internationalizing Social Work Education Using Blackboard 6: INHOLLAND University, NL and James Madison University, USA

Field education is designed to assist students in this critical integrative process. Effective integration may be dependent on collaboration, reciprocity, resources, and relationships shared by field agencies and social work programs. Clusters were originally conceived as integrative field seminars. The program assigned students to small cluster sections, with each faculty member assigned a single cluster. The platform used was Blackboard. Master of Social work (MSW) level courses are taken concurrently with field internship. A web-based cluster was designed in order to test a different approach to the cluster, and evaluate student outcomes. The cluster is primarily learner-centered, encouraging students to bring to the group any issues or concerns encountered in the field placement. The field cluster is clearly founded on the concepts of co-construction of meaning, the interdependence of systems, and the interlocking, interconnectedness of theories, practice, and research. Technology is seen as a critical tool to assist in the collaboration between schools of social work and social agencies.