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Web-Based Education in the Human Services: Use of Web-Based Video Clips in Counselling Skills Training

Reflective learning and inquiry appear on the surface as antithetical to models of web-based education in the human services. The chapter describes the use of on-line learning of social work ethics from a reflective thinking perspective. The purposes of the graduate level course as stated in the university bulletin are to examine the history and development of the value base and ethical principles of the social work profession. Social Work Ethics is a stand alone course offered to specialization year Master of social work (MSW) students with the addition of interested doctoral level students. Participant's responses to the case material are a core aspect of the internet-enabled learning experience. Teaching and learning of professional ethics require reflective or critical thinking. An important assumption underlying the design and delivery of the online course on social work ethics is that participants will be more willing to express themselves openly in text versus face-to-face communication.