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Building a Predominantly Web-Based Course from Face-to-Face and Interactive Video Pilots: Administrative Skills for Social Work Practice

Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPGs) constitute a major focus of recent initiatives to bridge the gap between research and practice. This chapter outlines the details of our web-based course, including its technical characteristics, organization, structure, clinical content, and the various measures and methods that using to evaluate its efficacy. The authors have developed a self-paced, interactive course which closely follows the step-by-step decision tree outlined by the authors of the Department of Veterans Affairs/Department of Defense Clinical Practice Guideline for the Management of Substance Use Disorders. While an asynchronous Web-Based Training course is largely considered to be an instructivist strategy, the present course also contains several constructivist elements. "Synchronous e-Learning" is a term describing a real-time, instructor-led learning event in which the instructor and all learners are logged on at the same time and communicate directly with each other, but are not physically present at the same location.