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Theoretical Perspectives in Online Pedagogy

This chapter describes the basic structure of the program, the Web-based delivery system, communication tools employed, and the philosophical, pedagogical, programmatic, and administrative principles and concepts foundation to the development and implementation. The Campus Alberta Applied Psychology (CAAP): Counselling Initiative is an inter-university collaboration in western Canada that provides a predominantly Web-based alternative for individuals seeking graduate level training in counselling psychology. The program is fully accredited through the institution accreditation processes that apply to all Canadian universities. A comprehensive competency matrix for the program allows students to link competency development and curriculum throughout the program. The web-based nature of the program facilitates this standardization of curriculum. Informal evaluation suggests that a mismatch between the student and the Web-based learning platform is a significant factor. The philosophical and pedagogical stance of the program focuses on developing a working alliance with students and facilitating a co-construction of both learning process and learning outcomes.