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Web-Based Higher Education: The Inclusion/Exclusion Paradox

This chapter examines the creation, simultaneous delivery and initial review of a Blackboard based course developed by social work educators in undergraduate programs in the Netherlands and the United States. The institutions are INHOLLAND University, Rotterdam, and James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia. Internationalizing social work education can take several forms, typically conceived of as study abroad opportunities, exchanges as well as creation and integration of international content into new and existing courses. Social work practitioners and educators have recognized the currency of computer-assisted technology in the delivery of their services. Immigration as a topic is well suited for a cross-cultural comparative survey course although priorities, politics, opinions, and available resources differ in each country. The asynchronous capabilities of Blackboard allowed the Dutch and US students to read carefully what was written and respond at their own pace. Course assessment and evaluation takes place in various ways both individually and collectively.