chapter  2
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Music is the deterritorialization of the refrain, and in this sense the refrain is “the block of content proper to music” (MP 368; 299). The refrain itself, of course, is a complex of deterritorialization and reterritorialization, its three aspects being those of a point of order, a circle of control, and a line of flight to the outside. The refrain territorializes chaos in forming a milieu; it deterritorializes milieu components and reterritorializes them in a territory proper; and deterritorializing forces constantly play through the territory, thereby opening it to the cosmos as a whole. Yet the basic function of the refrain is “essentially territorial, territorializing or reterritorializing, whereas music makes of it a deterritorialized content for a deterritorializing form of expression” (MP 369; 300). The refrain, then, is “a way of impeding, of conjuring music or doing away with it” (MP 368; 300). Music takes the refrain as its content and transforms it by entering into a process of “becoming” that deterritorializes the refrain.