chapter  V
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The Status of Sense-Data

The name Moral Philosophy naturally suggests that it is a department of philosophy concerned with morality in this common sense. And it is, in fact, true that one large department of Moral Philosophy is so concerned. But it would be a mistake to think that the whole subject is only concerned with morality. It is commonly believed that some moral rules exhibit a higher morality than others: that, for instance a person who believes that it is our duty to do good to our enemies, has a higher moral belief, than one who believes that he has no such duty, but only a duty to do good to his friends or fellow-countrymen. And Westermarck himself believes that, some moral beliefs, 'mark a stage of higher refinement in the evolution of the moral consciousness'. It is a notorious fact that a man's strongest desires are, as a rule, for things in which they themselves have some personal concern.