chapter  2
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The Logical Status of 'God is Timeless'

ByNelson Pike

This chapter identifies the general logical status of the statement 'God is timeless'. It examines a doctrine that author shall refer to as 'the doctrine of essential predication'. It should be clear that the doctrine author have just put forward is one in which it is claimed that there is a certain logical relation between the concept being (or same being) on the one hand, and each of the concepts eternity, omnipotence, perfect goodness, etc., on the other hand. In the Judeo-Christian religious tradition, the name of the individual who is God is 'Yahweh'. In the Christian tradition, the individual whose name is 'Jesus' is also described as God. In a theological system such as the one developed by St. Augustine or St. Anselm, timelessness is probably to be treated as an essential property of any individual possessing it.