chapter  5
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Timeless Knowledge of What is Happening Now

ByNelson Pike

A number of contemporary philosophers have said that there is logical conflict between the idea that God is timeless and the idea that God is omniscient. A timeless being might say: 'The first scene is on the screen.' The only consequence would be that the proposition he would be asserting would be false. A timeless individual could not have an item of knowledge that he could formulate or report in a statement such as, 'The first scene is now on the screen' or 'Today is the twelfth of May'. Boethius said that God 'beholds' the whole matrix of temporally ordered events and circumstances. God does not behold them one after another; He grasps them in a single act of cognition. God knows every detail of the temporally ordered matrix – including all of the temporal relations between the events and circumstances involved.