chapter  6
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Timelessness and Power

ByNelson Pike

This chapter examines some of the logical relations between the doctrine of God's timelessness and each of three standard Christian doctrines that centre on the idea of God's power, viz., the doctrine of omnipotence, the doctrine of divine creation, and the doctrine of divine preservation. A timeless individual could not produce, create, or bring about an object, circumstance, or state of affairs. If the reasoning set forth is correct, this would be true whether dealing with a specific finite object such as the mountain in Illinois or with the total complex of finite objects constituting the universe considered as a unit. Schleiermacher says that the doctrine of God's eternity is incomplete and misleading when considered apart from the notion of His omnipotence. He seems to see that if God is timeless, His omnipotence cannot be understood as the ability to bring things about.