chapter  3
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Fitness profile of professional Rugby League players

This chapter presents observation of an English Premier League soccer team over a period of one month, in order to assess the fluid demands of high standard soccer played under winter conditions. It gives both sprint and endurance cycling and running that performance of footballers will suffer from the effects of dehydration. The chapter provides various limitations imposed both by the nature of the subject group and the environment in which occurred. The ability to weigh the players any closer to the kick-off time would have been beneficial, but under the circumstances was impractical. This limitation may have had the effect of increasing the fluid loss values reported if significant voiding occurred between the weighing times and the start of the match. Fluid losses can be offset by the consumption of fluid ad libitum in the majority of cases. Measurements of fluid losses encountered during 90 minutes of soccer currently appear focused upon games played in temperate or hot conditions.