chapter  7
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Comparison of the physiological charactersitics of the First, Second and Third League Turkish soccer players

This chapter evaluates the pattern of alcohol use in rugby players group of traditional field athletes to establish if it could potentially affect their sport participation. Rugby union is a mixed aerobic and anaerobic sport, with an emphasis on short bursts of intensive anaerobic. The players all require a base-line of aerobic fitness to ensure continuous play throughout the 80 minutes of a game. The results show that 94.4" of the rugby players and 96" of the referees drank alcohol; 48" of the players and 80" of the referees drank alcohol on the evening prior to engaging in a rugby match. A significant number drank on the evening prior to activity, thus potentially compromising their physiological function on match-day. Chronic alcohol use is associated with disease development; it may also be a factor in poor aerobic capacity by altering body composition. Traditional sports like Rugby Union should encourage a careful approach to the use of this beverage.