chapter  8
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Physiological characteristics of Turkish female soccer players

This chapter examines a group of senior Irish rugby players, to consider the haematological status and nutritional intake in iron of this group of field sport athletes. The term "sports anaemia" is frequently used to describe a reduction in haemoglobin and haematocrit which approaches clinical anaemia associated with intensive training. The normal haematological status of the rugby players may be explained by their adequate nutritional intake of iron, their fitness levels and the type of sport they play. The aerobic fitness level of the rugby players was modest at 47.0 ± 3.6 ml/kg/min when compared with other athletes elite rowers 62 ml/kg/min and elite distance runners 80 ml/kg/min. In field sports such as Rugby Union Football, the use of iron supplements should be actively discouraged as they are unnecessary when there is an adequate nutritional iron intake. Perventeral iron is potentially fatal due to anaphalaxis. Drug abuse and blood doping are arguably part of competitive sport.