chapter  9
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The physiology of intermittent activity in football

This chapter describes the stages of change for resistance training for adult, junior-standard Rugby Union players and examines stage-associated practices. The Transtheoretical Model describes 'stages' of intentional behaviour change. It also examines the issues from this theoretical base and the, undemonstrated relationships between self-reported stage for resistance training and actual use of resistance training. The issue relates to the generation of more resistance training specialist coaches in junior rugby and these specialists be trained to generate maximum adoption of resistance training. The most frequent stage report was Preparation, suggesting that the majority of men in junior-level competitive Rugby Union are prepared to incorporate it into their training, albeit, in an infrequent way. The role of specific resistance training courses is not associated with more levels of Action or Maintenance, but may relate to increased intention to use resistance training. Further, the results suggest that to assess the effect of resistance training courses, measurement of stage at programme outset is required.