chapter  10
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Fluid loss and replacement in English Premier League soccer players

This chapter determines the effects of pre-season training of the anthropometric and physiological characteristics of international rugby players and examines any differences between backs and forwards. Differences in physical and physiological variables including stature, body mass, body composition, speed and aerobic power have been reported between different playing positions. Following the pre-season training phase the squad as a whole showed a slight reduction in "explosive leg strength" which was not suprising since the training programmes were not designed to improve "explosive leg strength". This aspect of fitness was concentrated on nearer to the Home Nations Championship. The results suggest that preseason training is beneficial for both forwards and backs although forwards may need to place greater emphasis on aerobic training during pre-season. It suggest that the Welsh squad rugby forwards were taller and heavier than US national rugby players and their English counterparts, at both international and club level.