chapter  11
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The influence of water ingestion on repeateds print performance during a simulated soccer match

Blood lactate determinations are widely used in the assessment of soccer players. To determine the effects of different pre-season preparation programmes, lactate responses to a "modified shuttle run" test were recorded in two Second League soccer teams. The training programme for team A placed emphasis on sessions aiming to increase aerobic capacity. Team B, which appeared to have a better aerobic capacity at the first test, gave priority to workouts on strength, anaerobic capacity, technique and tactics. Statistical analysis included calculations of means and standard deviations. Comparisons between means employed the student t-test. Heart rates were monitored using short range radio telemetry during the runs. The tests were repeated at the end of a six week pre-season preparation. The "modified shuttle run test" is especially in evaluating the changes in aerobic capacity of soccer players. The differences observed between two teams at the start of the preparation period necessitate the modification of training plans.