chapter  20
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Endurance capacity of soccer players pre-season and during the playing season

Injury and illness patterns related to any individual sport have been identified in the past on the basis of clinical experience and published reports. Sports medicine is developing as a recognised speciality with a solid foundation in the basic sciences. This development must ensure that the principles of the Public Health sciences and Epidemiology are included in all future research projects. Injuries in rugby are inevitable because it is an intermittent, high intensity collision sport requiring considerable skill and fitness. The risk of injury in rugby is minimised by ensuring that the laws by which the game is regulated are soundly formulated and properly supervised by the referee. The Scottish Rugby Union, through its Medical Advisory Committee, has undertaken a series of studies over the years on rugby injuries. The future of sports medicine and player safety in rugby football requires the involvement of epidemiologists in studies designed to look into illness and injury patterns related to exercise and sport.