chapter  25
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Lumbar spine abnormalities in American Football linemen

This chapter determines the physiological load in terms of the heart rate responses of boys and girls to short duration small-sided soccer games. Quantification of the physiological load placed on adult players has been achieved by means of a variety of methods ranging from use of model games to the implementation of non-invasive indices of physiological strain. Heart rate responses to match-play have been employed to indicate physiological loading. The heart rate responses observed during small-sided games reflect the high intensity nature of soccer. Small-sided games as well as their recreational prevalence are an important component of competitive team's training and fitness schedules. Mean heart rates (HR) for game play were calculated for both sexes and analysed using a two sample t-test. As activity levels, and hence heart rate responses, can be influenced by body composition, mean values were correlated with Body Mass Index (BMI) and playing experience using Pearson's product moment method.