chapter  26
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The diagnosis and treatment of pulmonary pneumothorax in grid-iron football

This chapter explains the development and acquisition of football skills are considered from a multidisciplinary perspective. The emphasis is on goal-oriented skills that are not innate or developed naturally. Specifically technical, mental, physical, tactical and social skills are addressed through a consideration of various football-related problems. Adherence to aerobic, anaerobic and strength training programmes is often different for female amateur players. In particular, adherence to the aerobic aspects of training is generally very good whereas compliance with anaerobic and strength training is relatively poor. The Record of Achievement (REACH) refers to an individual player's progress over a period of time. It benefits to motivation and player development without good quality communication and agreed goal setting. Goal-oriented skills are important in football and it is opportune to adopt a multidisciplinary and, ideally, interdisciplinary approach to problem solving. A wide ranging perspective of skill acquisition and development is crucial with particular attention devoted to decision making during the game.