chapter  29
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Injuries in Rugby football

This chapter introduces a new notational analysis system and second applies it to compare selected team collected for each player of Brazil and its opponents in the World Cup 1994. It also shows notational analysis system based on video recording can be used as a tool to analyse objectively own team and to scout opponent teams. A video recording based notation analysis system was constructed to input data for soccer analysis including different time, space and manoeuvre characteristics per player in match conditions. Four application programmes were developed separately for the system for Data Input, Numerical Data Analysis, Graphical Data analysis and Database maintenance. Additional statistical analysis and graphics can be applied with Excel v4.0 or higher and SPSS+ package. Statistical analysis in comparing Brazil and its opponents employed t- Paired tests for TIME and DIST and Wilcoxon Matched-Pairs Signed Ranks test for attacking trials (ATRI), scoring chances (SCHA), scoring trials (STRI) and goals (GOAL).