chapter  34
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High-school soccer summer to urnamentsin Japan - comparison of laboratory data of the players in summer and winter-

This chapter provides the coach with some practical recommendations with feedback and its use in football. Performance improvement is a consequence of task relevant feedback. During the coaching process augmented feedback is of particular importance if the athlete is to improve. The two most prevalent forms of augmented feedback that are provided by a coach are Knowledge of Performance (KP) and Knowledge of Results (KR). Videotape provides the most realistic and understandable form of feedback that an athlete can use. A combination of quantitative and videotaped feedback would possibly ensure the player understands the information and also has the ability to use it to modify subsequent performances. The advent of modern match analysis systems has certainly made it possible to gain an accurate, reliable and objective performance measure of team and individual performance. These performance measures can now be charted over the span of several games and the coach can use various intervention techniques to provide feedback to the players.