chapter  35
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Heart rate responses of children during soccer play

This chapter examines the effect of exercise on both the speed and accuracy of decision making in soccer. Good decision making is thought to be at least as important as good technique. These decisions must be made while the player is engaged in physical activity, often stressful physical activity. Exercise induces increases in heart rate, respiratory rate and sweating in a comparable manner to that exhibited when somatic arousal level increases due to emotions. The fact that both speed of all responses and speed of correct responses showed significant decreases during exercise compared to at rest, while accuracy was unaffected would support Douchamps, who claimed that when exercise is the arouser only the energetical component of a task will be affected. Exercise had no effect on the accuracy of decision making but speed of decision making was enhanced during exercise. From a practical point of view the results suggest that warm-ups of moderate intensity would aid speed of decision making.