chapter  36
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Developing and acquiring football skills

This chapter investigates the efficacy of allocating male and female subjects to intervention groups based on the principles of the matching hypothesis and the subject's directional perceptions of the stress response. Matching Hypothesis was hypothesised that a compatible treatment is most effective at reducing the type of state anxiety it was targeted towards. The Competitive State Anxiety Inventory-2 is a sport specific, self-report inventory that has been demonstrated to be a valid and reliable measure of cognitive and somatic state anxiety and self-confidence in competitive situations. The aim of Applied Relaxation (AR) is to learn the skill of relaxation, which can be applied very rapidly and in practically any situation. This was because the (AR) significantly reduced the somatic anxiety intensity levels of both the male and female subjects in the experimental group, over the course of the intervention. Stress management techniques specifically aimed at one state anxiety component will indirectly facilitate relaxation through the other system.